Bumilangit launch a special quartet card game called “Patriot Quartet Card Indonesia 45th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” in order to enliven the month of independence in August while also celebrating the 75th Indonesian Independence Day. This quartet game is so much fun to play with friends and family. Invite at least two of your friends and start playing. The number of cards is 32 cards, with 8 card groups, each consists of 4 individual cards. The player’s job is to collect as many card groups (quartets) from the 8 card groups. The player who collects the most quartets or gains the biggest score is the winner.

The thing that makes this quartet card game special is that it has two types of special cards that can be collectible items. The first is Premium Cards, which is a series of four special connecting cards of Bumilangit’s Patriot, and the second is Platinum Card, a special edition collection card with Gundala picture coated with gold foil which feels so special because it is signed by Bumilangit’s Patriot creator, Iwan Nazif.

How to get the Premium and Platinum Cards:

In each of the “Quartet Patriot Indonesia 45th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” card packs, there is 1 (one) Premium Card.

  • There are 4 (four) types of Premium cards that you must collect and connect them to become one set.
  • When you already have four complete Premium Cards connected, you can keep them as collections or you can get one “Gundala Undefeated” Platinum Card specially signed by Iwan Nazif, creator of Patriot Bumilangit Comics.
  • You only need to send these four Premium Connecting Cards to Bumilangit in this address: Bumilangit Entertainment. Jl. Ciputat Raya No. 5, Gedung Graha Amarta Lt. 5. Jakarta, 12310. Indonesia. UP TO : WENDY PLATINUM
  • Bumilangit will send back to you these four Connected Premium Cards along with one Platinum Gundala Undefeated card signed by Iwan Nazif.
  • Let’s get this special offer of “Quartet Patriot Indonesia 45th Anniversary Collector’s Edition”.
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How to play Quartet Cards:

  1. Invite a minimum of 3 friends. The more, the merrier. Play up to a maximum of 6 people.
  2. Mix all cards into one stack and shake them randomly.
  3. Distribute four cards randomly to each player and the rest are stacked and put in the middle.
  4. The first player requests a card from one of the other players by mentioning the name of the group and the name of the card. If the player who is asked for a card has that card, he must hand it over to the player who requests it.
  5. The first player then draws one card from the stack. Then take turns to the next player with the same mechanism.
  6. Each player must try to collect four cards in one group. Players who have managed to collect four cards in a group (quartet), put down and show the quartet and get a value.
  7. The game ends when a player has run out of cards and there are no more cards left in the stack. The player with the most scores or collecting quartets is the winner.

The excitement of playing this quartet game is we must memorize the cards held by other players or our opponents. We must pay attention to other players when asking for cards to other players. And also the strategy of “hiding” our quartet cards to not be asked by opponents, because opponents could ask for cards that are not actually collected by them, but only to “tackling” or give you obstacles in collecting or completing the quartet.


Let’s play the Patriot Quartet Cards! Collect the Premium Cards and get the Gundala Undefeated Platinum Card.