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Si Bulan Koki Super is the latest work from BUMILANGIT!

(Jakarta, 20 April 2020) Si Bulan Koki Super is the latest work from BUMILANGIT. It narrates the funny story of Si Bulan, the little chef, experiences and her friends. Reminding us of religious values in our daily lives. Si Bulan is a creative girl who is a good cook and also obedient to worship. She….

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Cast of “Virgo and The Sparklings” Announced, Bryan Domani, Mawar De Jongh and Others Will Accompany Adhisty Zara

(17 April 2020) Screenplay Bumilangit officially announces the other cast for the film “Virgo and The Sparklings”. Last year Adhisty Zara was chosen as the main character Riani / Virgo. Three young actors who are shining namely Bryan Domani chosen as Leo, Mawar De Jongh chosen as Carmine, and Rebecca Klopper who plays Sasmi. The….

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Sri Asih Comics on LINE Webtoon, In Order to Celebrate Kosasih Day 2020

(Jakarta, 4 April 2020) To celebrate Kosasih Day 2020, Sri Asih returned to incarnate on the archipelago through the comic ‘Sri Asih: Celestial Goddess’ which aired on LINE Webtoon. The Indonesian hero character created by Mr. Indonesian Comics, RA Kosasih is known as the first hero character published in the history of Indonesian comics.  ….

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Bumilangit and Shogakukan Asia Establish Strategic Partnerships to Publish Indonesian Comics in Southeast Asia

February 1st 2019. Bumilangit Entertainment, together with Shogakukan Asia, today launched the Gundala comic “Destiny” the Official Movie Adaptation – English Edition, at Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan for Indonesian market as a series of strategic cooperation between Bumilangit and Shogakukan Asia.

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Achieved the Biggest Achievement in 2019 Commercially and Entered the Prestigious Festival, Joko Anwar Thanking The Audience

Jakarta, 9 December 2019 – Nearing the end of the year, Joko Anwar thanked the audience. The director and screenwriter wrote screenplays for four films and directed two of them. Films directed and written by the screenplay are ‘Gundala’ and ‘Woman Land of Hell’, while the screenplay was written is ‘Orang Kaya Baru’ and ‘Queen of Dark Arts’.

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