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Jakarta – Bumilangit has opened pre-orders for GODAM PUTIH HITAM Vol. 3! Pre-orders are open from 24 May to 6 June 2023. Orders can be made via Bumilangit Official Tokopedia. Pre-order Godam Putih Hitam Vol. 3 also has various exclusive packages that are only available during this pre-order period: 1. NASI PUTIH HITAM package (Comic….

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Pre-Order For Bumilangit & Thebonefinger GUNDALA BUMBUM is Available Now!!

Jakarta – Bumilangit is collaborating with artist Thebonefinger to release pre-order for Gundala Bumbum exclusive figures. You can order it directly via Tokopedia Zalart Studio. PO is available on 23 May – 22 June 2023. Gundala Bumbum is only available in very limited quantities, so pre-order now!

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Pre-Order For Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu: Bandjir Darah Di Pantai Sanur Is Available Now!

Jakarta – Bumilangit Comic has opened pre-order for the remastered edition of Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu: Bandjir Darah Di Pantai Sanur! Pre-orders are up from 5 – 19 May 2023. Orders can be made via Bumilangit Official Tokopedia and Bumilangit Official Shopee. Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu: Bandjir Darah Di Pantai Sanur tells the….

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Bumilangit Digital Mediatama (BLDX) Collaborate with Creo Engine at Evermore Knights

Jakarta – When Indonesians hear the name ‘Bumilangit,’ they would immediately think of a powerful force in the creative industry that has brought to life some of the most beloved superhero characters in Indonesian culture. It has become synonymous with creative excellence in Indonesia, particularly in the realm of iconic superhero characters. PT. Bumilangit Entertainment….

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SIEVASCO SC Launches Collaboration with Bumilangit

Jakarta – Sievasco Student Company, the Entrepreneurial unit of SMAN 81 Jakarta, announced a collaboration with Bumilangit by launching the exclusive collection of Taska: Upcycle Fashion Product from Tire Waste. Further information about this collaboration and how to get it can be seen at SIEVASCO SC official account. SIEVASCO or Student Intelligence Everlasting Cooperation is….

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