| About BumiLangit

Established in 2003, Bumilangit marked the milestone in the revival of superheroes-based comic storytelling in Indonesia. Bumilangit is a family to many original artists spanning from early years until now, as well as to loyal fans who appreciate our remarkable arts.

Bumilangit is the leading character-based entertainment company in Asia that manages an unrivaled library of over 1,200 characters featured in comics published in the last sixty years. The strength of the characters is not simply based on their popularity, but the rich storytelling behind each of the characters.

Top characters in our library include Si Buta dari Gua Hantu (The Sightless Warrior), the number one character IP in Indonesia as well as Gundala, the most popular superhero in Indonesia. Our characters have been featured in more than 200 comic and book titles sold to 5 million readers with 30 million views, as well as 13 films and 21 episodes of television series.

Bumilangit Cinematic Universe was launched in August 2019 with Gundala (2019) as the opening film in the universe. Gundala (2019) became the most successful Indonesian superhero film and was officially selected for the Midnight Madness screening program at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

As an entertainment company, Bumilangit’s main businesses are in comics publishing, film and TV series production, animation production, and licensing. In achieving our goals and objectives, we embrace partnership with key players in many industries. Innovation and creativity are the centers of everything we do in order to deliver the best entertainment products and experiences to our consumers.