| About BumiLangit

Established in 2003, Bumilangit marked the milestone in the revival of the arts of superheroes-based comic storytelling in Indonesia. Bumilangit is a family to many original artists spanning from the first era until now, as well as to loyal fans who appreciate our remarkable arts.

Bumilangit today is the leading character-based entertainment company in Indonesia that manages unrivaled library of over 500 characters featured in comics published in the last sixty years. The strength of the characters is not simply based on their popularity, but the rich comic stories behind each of the characters.

The Bumilangit characters library is mainly categorized into two universes. The Superheroes Universe is a universe consisting of over 300 characters and 110 related comic titles published and sold. These comics had been sold for more than 2 million copies and read by 10 million people. The most prominent characters include Gundala, the most popular superhero in Indonesia and Sri Asih, the first ever superhero in Indonesia dated back to 1954.

The second category, The Warriors Universe, is equally extraordinary. Spearheaded by its two leading heroes, Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu and Mandala, the library has more than 200 characters with 50 titles of comics created. The comics had been printed more than 1.5 million copies with 10 million estimated readers. Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu remains to be the character in Indonesia with the most appearances in electronic media with 8 nationwide movies and 21 mini series in two national televisions.

As an entertainment company, Bumilangit main businesses are in comics publishing, movie and TV series production, merchandise and licensing. In achieving our goals and objectives, we will embrace any form of partnership with credible third party companies. Innovation and creativity are the center of everything we do in order to deliver the best entertainment products and experience to our market.

Bumilangit believes that while everybody needs a hero that they can be proud of, we need to realize that we might have confronted them on daily basis. Mothers, teachers, police officers: they are some of the heroes in real life. Everyone needs a hero in their hearts.