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How can I reach my favorite Bumilangit Original Artist? Where should I send my email to?

All correspondences to Bumilangit Original Artists can easily be done by filling in the email form at Contact Us. Please make sure you choose the message type: General.

How do I learn more about the characters of Bumilangit?

Our website will be a good start for anybody who wants to know more about Bumilangit characters. Bumilangit manages more than 500 characters and we will update our website in phases. You can also get a lot of information from the internet since most of our characters are well known and have been around for decades.

I am a die-hard fan of a character of Bumilangit. Can I make a fan art of such character?

Yes. Bumilangit loves to see any fan art from across the nation. Please share any fan-made drawings or videos with us for a chance to get posted on our website and/or social media platforms!

Can I use your characters for educational purposes?

Bumilangit strongly believes in the value of education, since heroic spirit is one of the fundamental aspects in shaping the young generation. Please contact us to explore the possibilities.

Can I use a picture of one of your licensed characters on my commercial product?

Please contact us to be able to use any picture of our characters on your commercial product to make sure that there is no copyright infringement. We will be delighted to discuss various potential commercial uses of our characters. We reserve all rights to take legal action against any unauthorized commercial use of our characters. If you are not sure, please feel free to contact us.


Can I buy comics directly from Bumilangit? What about subscriptions?

Yes, please fill in the Contact Us email form and choose Buy Comic/Merchandise. We currently do not offer subscription services, but new exciting products will be coming soon from Bumilangit Komik.

Where can I buy Bumilangit merchandises?

You can send inquiries to us by filling out the email form at Contact Us. Please make sure you choose Buy Comics/Merchandise message type.

Does Bumilangit publish manga comics?

Bumilangit is really excited about the growth of manga comics readers in the younger generation. Bumilangit Komik will soon publish its news series of manga comics. Stay tuned!!


Can I submit a comic idea to Bumilangit?

We love to hear about any creative comic idea that you have! However, please be mindful that comic writing is fun yet a serious art by itself. You can share your idea by filling out the Contact Us form and choose Submission.

I’m an excellent comic scriptwriter. Can I send my sample script to Bumilangit?

Bumilangit variety of characters and rich background stories should be a fertile ground for anybody who wants to write comic script. Please first notify us on your intention to submit your comic script sample by filling out Contact Us form and choose Submission message type. We will then let you know how to proceed.

What kind of art submission that Bumilangit accepts? How will the review process be?

We accept any comic art related samples including comic scripts, cover arts, pencil/ink arts, color arts etc. Please be mindful that there could be a high volume period where we receive submissions, as such Bumilangit cannot guarantee quick turnaround. We don’t return submissions and if we are interested, you will be contacted. We will not be able to give any comments /critiques back to you for each of your submission. Please submit an email to express your interests by filling out Contact Us form and choose Submission.

What do you expect in a submission?

We are open to any type of styles such as manga and non-manga, superhero or martial arts etc. Quality, originality and consistency are the aspects most important to us.

Do you accept submissions from outside Indonesia?

Yes. Please follow our guidelines above.


What are the businesses of Bumilangit which opens for partnership?

Bumilangit is in essence an entertainment company that focuses on heroic characters. While we are open to many ideas of partnership and cooperation including licensing of our characters, our main line of businesses are in comic publishing, movie/animation production and merchandise.

Whom shall I contact for publicity-related cooperation?

We are open to any publicity-related cooperation with any magazine, newspaper, radio station, television station or online news sites. Please reach us by filling out Contact Us form and choose General message type.


How can I apply for internship in Bumilangit?

Bumilangit may offer limited amount of internship opportunity from time to time. Internship should be sponsored by your school. We don’t offer internship which is less than 6 (six) months. Please reach us by filling out Contact Us form and choose Careers message type. We will contact you if there is an opening.

Can I apply as comic artist or writer to Bumilangit?

Bumilangit is always looking for new talented comic book artists and writers, regardless of your home location. If you are an inspiring comic book artist or writer, please refer to the FAQ: Submission for the guidelines in submitting your work samples.

I am not a comic artist or writer. Can I apply for a job opportunity at Bumilangit?

Bumilangit will post any new job openings in the Careers menu in the website or on any leading jobs site. We do not accept any unsolicited job application.