SRI ASIH is the second film of Bumilangit Cinematic Universe after Gundala (2019). The film was adapted from the character of the classic Indonesian comic book series, Sri Asih by R. A. Kosasih. SRI ASIH is directed by Upi and written by Upi and Joko Anwar.

Sri Asih tells the story of Alana, who didn’t understand why she was always overcome by anger. She always tried to fight it. She was born during a volcanic eruption that separated her from her parents. She is then adopted by a rich woman who tries to help her live a normal life. As an adult, Alana discovers the truth about her origins. She’s not an ordinary human. She can be good or can be evil if she can not control her anger.

The film will be released in November 17th 2022 in theaters.

Watch the first teaser here!