A failed coup attempt in planet Godam forced a pair of warlord parents to abandon their baby. The baby was found and later raised by a group of criminals. Named Godam, the boy grew up to become adventurer and in his journey, he retrieved a mighty armor and robe, as well a magic ring. When Godam violated an oath, he was punished by trapping him inside the magic ring. Father of Truth later gave the ring to Awang, a humble human from earth. By wearing the ring, Awang could transform himself into Godam.

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Real Name: Awang

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Abilities/Powers: Possessed superhuman strength and was impenetrable by any means of weapon (could lose such power if he breached his vows); Could fly at supersonic speed.



First Appearance: Godam: Memburu Doktor Setan

Creator(s): WID NS