Posted on Mar 02, 2023

Jakarta –  Previously, the film starring Adhisty Zara, Bryan Domani, Mawar De Jongh had a special screening last weekend in 18 cities in Indonesia and received positive responses. Many comments have highlighted Virgo and the Sparklings as the best film in Bumilangit Cinematic Universe so far. Like the fitrianaamalia_ account which says “the film is funny, exciting, fresh, the story can really be enjoyed by everyone”. Apart from that, there is also the account Zii_6969 which says that “Virgo and the Sparklings are really really fun. I’m leaving the cinema felt happy.” Kawan Review’s YouTube channel also said, “This film is packed with super fun-ness”.

The film, which produced by Screenplay Bumilangit, is part of the universe that previously started with “Gundala” and “Sri Asih”. A film that brings fresh breath to the Indonesian superhero genre, because it tells the story of a teenage superhero with all the dynamics of teenage life such as love, friendship, music, and more. This film was directed by Ody C. Harahap, produced by Joko Anwar, Bismarka Kurniawan, and Wicky V. Olindo. Also starring talented young cast Ashira Zamita, Satine Zaneta, Rebecca Klopper, and others.

As the third film from the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe, Virgo and the Sparklings is designed differently, especially to show the nuances of a teenager who are full of twists and turns but are still cheerful. This film has got All Ages classification, so it can be enjoyed by everyone, from children to their parents. Not only that, this film is also filled with energetic music, as seen in the trailer, “Sahabat Angin” sung by Adhisty Zara and the cover song from Potret “Salah”.

“Virgo and the Sparklings” tells the adventure of a teenage superhero named Riani, played by Adhisty Zara. Riani is a teenager navigating her daily life filled with love and rivalry with her best friends, Ussy and Monica, while learning to control the power of pyrokinesis and her synesthesia abilities. In the midst of his crisis as a teenager, it turns out that there is a very big danger for humanity. Is saving the world also the responsibility of youth? What a hassle!

The character Virgo was created by Jan Mintaraga and was first introduced in the comic series Kapten Halilintar: Ghorghon in 1973, published by Sastra Kumala. 44 years later, in 2017, Bumilangit, as the holder of the rights to the character Virgo, appointed Annisa Nisfihani and Ellie Goh to become the artists of “Virgo and the Sparklings”. This fantasy genre comic is published in printed and digital formats that can be read through the Line Webtoon service. The webtoon Virgo and the Sparklings itself has been translated into 30 languages and has more than 195 million readers.

“Virgo and the Sparklings” is part of the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe, which opened with its first patriot, Gundala (aired August 29, 2019) and followed by Sri Asih (November 17, 2022). It doesn’t stop there, the expansion of Bumilangit Cinematic Universe will continue with other films and series currently being produced by the studio, Screenplay Bumilangit. After “Virgo and the Sparkling”, the series “Tira” (starring Chelsea Islan) will stream exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

With more than 1,200 comic characters owned by Bumilangit, Bumilangit Cinematic Universe will be an entertaining presentation, with breakthrough storytelling and satisfying productiond for Indonesian audiences.

To support promotional activities for the film, Screenplay Bumilangit also partners with the leading short video distribution platform, TikTok, as the official content partner. Starting from February 24-March 15 2023, local superhero film lovers and TikTok users in Indonesia can access a variety of exclusive content, ranging from trailers, synopsis, bloopers, behind the scenes, to clips of interviews with the crew and cast of the film “Virgo and the Sparklings”. ” through the TikTok account @bcuindonesia

“Virgo and the Sparklings” is showing in theaters starting today!