Posted on Jan 30, 2023

Jakarta – Bumilangit Comic has opened pre-order comic Godam: Ujian Buat Awang! Pre-orders are open from 27 January – 10 February 2023. Orders can be made via Tokopedia Official Bumilangit.

Godam: Ujian Buat Awang tells the story of Awang, an ordinary young man who lives in Yogyakarta, suddenly experiences many visions that cannot be explained. This vision takes him to past and historical figures who always call for help. Nothing can explain this phenomenon to Awang, apart from one elder, his mentor. He doesn’t know yet, this experience is a test that will unite him with a warrior from another dimension.

Godam: Ujian Buat Awang is the last work of Indonesian comic maestro, Wid NS, which was later completed by his son, Fajar Sungging. This book contains 104 pages of 100gram matt paper, full color. Jacket cover full color spot uv art paper 150gram. Hardcover in hot printed black linen.

For those of you who are fans of mystery, horror, action and colossal scenes, or for those of you who like Jagabumi / Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu: Mata Malaikat, don’t miss GODAM: UJIAN BUAT AWANG!