| Pre-Order for JAGABUMI Vol. 6: Wikrama Is Up Now!

Posted on Sep 14, 2022

Jakarta – Bumilangit Comic opens pre-orders for JAGABUMI Vol. 6: Wikrama! Pre-orders are open on September 14 – October 2, 2022. Orders can be made via Tokopedia Official Bumilangit. Deliveries will be made from October 10, 2022.

Wikrama tells the story of a time when world civilization was rapidly progressing, humans managed to set foot outside the earth. The superpowers are competing to be at the forefront. Meanwhile, the memory of peradaban akbar had been buried for thousands of years. But Amaratia is not lost, it is just hiding behind the knowledge of some people who want to take advantage of that power. Sri Asih and Godam are aware of the seeds of this great calamity coming, but they need as many reinforcements as possible to fight the rise of Ztulos that threatens the world. Follow the story in Jagabumi 6, WIKRAMA.

JAGABUMI Vol. 6: Wikrama was written by Rizqi R Mosmarth, pencilled by Ardian Syaf, inked by Ecky, colored by Doni Cahyono, Kopri, and Riyuu. Layout by Win Ilyas, and edited by Oyasujiwo Poetranto.

Printed with 60 full color pages. Don’t miss it, get it now!