Posted on Sep 06, 2022

Jakarta, September 6 – Screenplay Bumilangit officially released “Sri Asih” trailer today at September 6. The film, which is part of the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe, was directed by Upi, written by Upi and Joko Anwar. Starring Pevita Pearce, Reza Rahadian, Christine Hakim, Dimas Anggara, Jefri Nichol, Surya Saputra. Sri Asih will be released in cinemas October 6. Sri Asih is the first hero to appear in Indonesian comics and was created by the Father of Indonesian Comics, R.A. Kosasih.

Sri Asih previously appeared in the film “Gundala” directed by Joko Anwar in 2019. The Bumilangit Cinematic Universe continues its story in “Sri Asih”. Alana didn’t understand why she was always overcome by anger. But she always tried to fight it. She was born during a volcanic eruption that separated her from her parents. She is then adopted by a rich woman who tries to help her live a normal life. As an adult, Alana discovers the truth about her origins. She’s not an ordinary human. She can be good or be evil if she can not control her anger.

The trailer featured Pevita Pearce as Alana, a boxer. In the trailer, it is depicted that she must control his anger, until she comes into conflict with a gang of criminals. In addition, there is also an explanation about Jagabumi and Alana who were ordained as incarnations of Dewi Asih. Many casts have sprung up, and many stories are waiting to be unlocked. The trailer is even more exciting with the accompaniment of a song Feeling Good by Muse.

Upi, the director and screenwriter of “Sri Asih” admitted that she couldn’t wait to reveal Sri Asih to the public, “I made this film for fans who love good films. And hopefully this film can be an antidote to the presence of an Indonesian hero we can be proud of!”

Joko Anwar, producer and screenwriter of “Sri Asih” said, “Three years of waiting for the continuation of the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe story after Gundala will not be in vain. We are working as much as possible so that Sri Asih can satisfy the audience.”

Aside of Pevita Pearce as Alana / Sri Asih, Christine Hakim as Eyang Mariani, Surya Saputra as Prayogo Adinegara, and Jefri Nichol as Tangguh, other Indonesian A-list actors and actresses are also announced to stars in Sri Asih, such as Reza Rahadian as Jatmiko, Randy Pangalila as Mateo Adinegara, Jenny Zhang as Sarita Hamzah, Dimas Anggara as Kala, Revaldo as Jagau, Faradina Mufti as Renjana, Fadly Faisal as Gilang and Messi Gusti as little Alana.

In Indonesian history of fiction literature, Sri Asih is the first hero to appear in Indonesian comics. Sri Asih first appeared about half a century ago, in 1953 to be exact. Its creator, R.A. Kosasih is recognized as the “Father of Indonesian Comics”, for his dedication, consistency, and expertise in creating illustrated stories.

“Sri Asih” is part of the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe, which opened with its first ‘patriot’, Gundala (airing 29 August 2019). Sri Asih is now presented as the 2nd ‘patriot’. It doesn’t stop there, the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe will continue in other films and series being produced by the studio, Screenplay Bumilangit. These include “Virgo and the Sparklings” (starring Adhisty Zara), as well as the series “Tira” (starring Chelsea Islan) to be broadcast exclusively on the Disney+ channel.

With more than 1,200 comic characters owned by Bumilangit, it is certain that Bumilangit Cinematic Universe will be an entertaining dish, with storytelling breakthroughs and satisfying productions for Indonesian audiences.

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