| Bumilangit & Telkomsel Visit PRJ 2022

Posted on Jul 01, 2022

Jakarta – In collaboration with Telkomsel, Bumilangit launched special Telkomsel x Bumilangit voucher cards with pictures of Bumilangit heroes at the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2022 or more known as Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). The card can also be collected in all its variants and arranged into one complete picture with all the heroes of Bumilangit.

This special edition Bumilangit voucher card can be obtained at the Telkomsel booth at PRJ. In addition for Telkomsel booth visitors, for every purchase of 1 Bumilangit x Telkomsel voucher package (1 package = 5 vouchers), visitors will get an immediate gift in the form of an Bumilangit quartet card. This limited promo is only valid for the first 100 packages.

Visitors also had the opportunity to take part in the lucky draw to get Bumilangit Premium Card, electric motorbike VOLTA 401, Infinix cellphone, and Nintendo Switch. Visitors only need to buy a Telkomsel x Bumilangit voucher and then activate the package by scrubbing the hologram on the voucher, pressing *133*voucher code# and pressing YES/OK. Then visit the website and enter the serial number of the voucher.

All visitors who bought Telkomsel x Bumilangit vouchers at the Telkomsel booth at PRJ will also get 1GB free quota which will be added automatically upon activation. These promos runs from July 1st to 17th, 2022, only on PRJ.