| Bumilangit x HUION at Indocomtech 2022

Posted on Jun 28, 2022

Jakarta – The heroes of Bumilangit did not want to be left behind to jazz up Indocomtech, the largest information and communication technology exhibition in Indonesia which this year was held in Hall A Jakarta Convention Center on 22 – 26 June.

In collaboration with HUION, Bumilangit held various exciting events at its booth for five days at Indocomtech. There are launching events, live talkshow sharing events with creators such as Rizqi Mosmarth, live workshops, doorprizes, as well as variety of promos for each Bumilangit and HUION product. Comics published by Bumilangit such as Patriot, Gundala, Si Buta dari Gua Hantu, Godam, Mandala from Jagat Pusaka era to the Jagat Revolusi era are also available.

Bumilangit itself also intends to use this Indocomtech event to popularize stories of adisatria or heroes made by local creators. In the era of digitalization, comics made by local creators must keep up with current development of information and communication technology and should not be left behind.

Highlights of Bumilangit x HUION at Indocomtech 2022 can be seen here!