Posted on May 24, 2021

Jakarta, Friday, 21 May 2021

Bumilangit hosted Virgorgeous Fest 2021, the pinnacle of a series of activities Bumilangit held for Virgo and the Sparklings’ fans throughout May 2021. The bold event was held online on Friday, 21 May 2021 via the Virgo and the Sparklings Film Facebook fan page and featured a host of talents that have been involved in the makings of the Virgo and the Sparklings Webtoon and the upcoming Virgo and the Sparklings film (to be released this year). Among them are Ellie Goh, the illustrator for the Virgo and the Sparklings Webtoon, and Ashira Zamita, who plays Monika in the Virgo and the Sparkings film. Aside from hosting the two guest stars, a few important announcements were also made: the winner of the Virgo and the Sparklings’ stage costume design contest, the debut appearance of the Sparkies and the inauguration of Virgorgeous, the official fan base of Virgo and the Sparklings.

The Virgo and the Sparklings’ stage costume design contest began to accept submissions from the beginning of May 2021. We received many entries from participants who were very talented in designing a show costume. The winners were chosen based on the judges’ decision as well as the fan’s and followers’ voting results (People’s Choice).
Of the many entries, Bumilangit’s team of judges chose 3 winners and 1 winner from the People’s Choice category. The following is the list of winners for the Virgo and the Sparklings’ stage costume design contest:

1st Place: Ni Nyoman Sri Sugiantari (Bali)
Design theme: Sparkling Butterfly (Riani)

2nd Place
: Putu Anggi Ramania (Bali)
Design theme: Infinity Blue (Monika)

3rd Place
: Alisya I’tiqafah (Palembang)
Design theme: Morpho Humanoid (Ussy)

People’s Choice: Rian Fahreza (Aceh)
Design theme: Traje de Nina (Ussy)

As one of the rewards, for the 1st place winner, the costume design will be realized as Official Licensed Merchandise Bumilangit in a form of Collectable Figurine.
Sebagai salah satu hadiah, bagi pemenang pertama, design kostum yang telah dirancang tersebut akan direaliasasikan sebagai Official Licensed Merchandise Bumilangit dalam bentuk Collectable Figurine.

Bumilangit also revealed the newest characters from the Virgo and the Sparklings’ universe: The Sparkies. The Sparkies are cute animal representations of their human counterparts, Riani, Ussy, and Monika of Virgo and the Sparklings. They are:
1. Remimi, a playful but shy cat, Riani’s animal counterpart
2. Luna, a strict and passionate rabbit with a leadership spirit, albeit a bit bossy, and loves her friends a lot, Ussy’s animal counterpart
3. Molly, the humble, helpful, and caring hamster, Monika’s animal counterpart
In the future, more Sparkies will be introduced as the animal personas of various characters in the Virgo and the Sparklings’ Webtoon, such as Leo, Sasmi, Carmine, and others.

Lastly, as the name suggests, Virgorgeous Fest 2021 marks the inauguration of VIRGORGEOUS, the official fan base/community of Virgo and the Sparklings. Virgorgeous members are currently scattered in several cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Tangerang, Palembang and Pontianak. The increasingly active community is continually expanding to more cities. We hope this initial step will help boost membership numbers and the profile of Virgorgeous itself in the future.

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