| LINE Indonesia Collaborates with Bumilangit Digital, Joint Venture Company of DMMX and Bumilangit Entertainment, Launches LINE Stickers “Jagoan Bumilangit”

Posted on Mar 15, 2021

LINE Stickers “Jagoan Bumilangit” Now Can Be Downloaded For Free!

● LINE Stickers in collaboration with BLDX provides “Jagoan Bumilangit” stickers which can be downloaded for free after using the Top-up & Bill feature
● BLDX LINE Stickers “Jagoan Bumilangit” is an animated sticker that provides 16 sets of stickers consisting of the characters Gundala, Sri Asih, Tira, and Virgo.

JAKARTA – March 8, 2021LINE Indonesia collaborates with PT Bumilangit Digital Mediatama (BLDX), a joint venture company of PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk. (IDX: DMMX) and PT Bumilangit Entertainment Corpora provide animated stickers, BLDX LINE Stickers “Jagoan Bumilangit”, which can be downloaded for free after users tries of the Top-up & Bill feature on LINE. The “Jagoan Bumilangit” sticker provides 16 sticker sets consisting of four main characters in the Bumilangit universe, namely Gundala, Sri Asih, Tira, and Virgo. The Top-up & Billers feature is the newest deep service from LINE with PT NFC Indonesia Tbk (IDX: NFCX).

“The presence of BLDX LINE Stickers “Jagoan Bumilangit” for LINE users is part of our initiative to support creative industries in the country to get a digital space that can be easily reached by the wider community,” said Fanny Verona, Strategy & New Business Director of LINE Indonesia. “The availability of LINE Stickers is also expected to be a positive synergy between LINE, Top-up and Bill services, with Bumilangit fans and can make users’ daily lives easier,” she added.

Bumilangit Entertainment is an entertainment company that manages various hero characters in Indonesia with a total of more than 1,200 comic characters that have been published in the last 60 years. BLDX LINE Stickers “Jagoan Bumilangit” provides 16 different sticker choices with Bumilangit’s four main characters, namely Gundala, Sri Asih, Tira, and Virgo.

Budiasto Kusuma, Director of BLDX, commented, “We are pleased to work with LINE to introduce the sticker collection based on the popular characters within the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. Through this cooperation, we hope to make Bumilangit’s beloved characters to a wider range of audiences, particularly younger LINE users. Progressively, we hope to introduce an ecosystem of products and services that will broaden the functionality of LINE beyond a communication platform. We look forward to the continued deepening of our partnership with LINE and to potentially integrate more of tech offerings to delight LINE users with.”

Through the BLDX “Jagoan Bumilangit” LINE Stickers, users can get these character stickers through cute shapes with different gestures and exclamations, such as Gundala which has become one of the most popular local hero characters in Indonesia, Sri Asih who was the first comic hero character that has appeared in the LINE Webtoon version ,and Virgo, who was reimagined in the LINE Webtoon version with the title Virgo and The Sparklings, with 1.8 million subscribers and translated into 23 international languages by its fans.

How to Get “Jagoan Bumilangit” BLDX LINE Stickers

Users can easily get LINE Stickers Bumilangit (BLDX) through the following settings:

1. Open the sticker set page “Jagoan Bumilangit” here https://lin.ee/EcExjBo/aivc/OAEventTL
2. Click “View Details” to access Top-Up & Billions service
3. Select the product you want to purchase and complete the payment process
4. Return to the sticker set page “Jagoan Bumilangit” to download the stickers

BLDX LINE Stickers “Jagoan Bumilangit” can be downloaded for free after users make transactions on Top-up & Bill from March 2 – 31, 2021 and can be used for 3 (three) months from the time the user downloads stickers during the period.

Through its mission, CLOSING THE DISTANCE, LINE will continue to provide the latest services based on user needs and collaborate with various parties in order to optimize the services available. Through the BLDX “Jagoan Bumilangit” LINE Stickers initiative on this Top-up & Bill service, LINE will simultaneously provide a variety of communication services that enrich and simplify the user’s daily life.


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