Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Jakarta, January 14, 2020 – ANTV presents its latest flagship 3D animated series titled “Si Bulan: Super Chef” which tells the story of a child named Bulan, a little chef who can create spectacular menus assisted by his funny friends. Si Bulan is the latest work of Bumilangit Entertainment and Brown Entertainment. Previously, Bumilangit had also successfully produced the animated series Patriot Cilik which aired on ANTV last year. The adventure of Si Bulan with her friends can be watched on ANTV starting on Saturday, January 16, 2020, at 7.30 A.M.
Bulan, this little chef is accompanied by her friends, including Meong, Bulan’s pet cat who likes to eat. His ignorant, nosy, impatient, and lazy nature sometimes irritates Bulan. Even so, the two of them were very close and inseparable. Besides Meow, there is also Mama Moo, the cow who has to be happy every day so she can produce high-quality milk; and Kukuk & Ruyuk, the twin chickens who are very protective of their eggs.
“Si Bulan shows not only funny and interesting stories, but also many lessons that can be applied by children at home, especially religious values. The emphasis on the relationship between mother and child is clear and relevant, make it suitable for family entertainment. Packaged in simple terms and stories that are close to everyday life, we hope that Si Bulan can be an interesting spectacle for all ages,” said Kiki Zulkarnain, Chief Program & Communications Officer of ANTV.
Si Bulan is a little chef who has the talent to create delicious and fast dishes. Apart from that, Bulan is also able to create new unique, and magical recipes. No wonder his friends call her “the super chef”. A visual dramatization in finding recipe ideas, the cooking process, the typical “Assalamualaikum” utterance of Si Bulan, the funny incidents of Bulan with her friends, and the interaction between Bulan and her mother who teaches her the value of life and religion, is ready to brighten the day.

Bismarka Kurniawan, as CEO of Bumilangit Entertainment, added, “The story of Si Bulan will remind Indonesian children of various positive values ​​to religious values ​​in our daily lives. Besides, the animation of Si Bulan Koki Super will provide various interesting and creative ideas that can be applied. mothers to create moments that can be done with the children at home. ”

“ANTV is well known for its ability to broadcast interesting animation programs and as a national TV station, it is very supportive of the development of the local animation industry. We hope that together we can provide an entertaining and positive family program, and also help parents to provide additional spiritual provisions for their children,” Concluded Ridzky Rafyan, as Business Development Manager of Brown Entertainment Indonesia.
Don’t forget to watch Si Bulan starting on Saturday, January 16, 2021, every Saturday morning, at 07.30 A.M. only on ANTV!

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