| PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (IDX: DMMX) and PT Bumilangit Entertainment Corpora joint-venture company, PT Bumilangit Digital Mediatama (“BLDX”), enters Digital Business with Mobile Games and a Digital Comic App

Posted on Nov 26, 2020

Jakarta, 25 November 2020 – PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (IDX: DMMX) and PT Bumilangit Entertainment Corpora (“Bumilangit”) collaborating through PT Bumilangit Digital Mediatama (“BLDX”), their joint-venture company, are planning to launch a slate of digital business applications to complement the experience and profile of Bumilangit Cinematic Universe (“BCU”), including mobile games and digital comic portals. This will be in line with strategic initiatives intended to strengthen the footprint of DMMX, forging its way into entertainment and content space by cinematic investments in BCU, through its subsidiary, PT DMMX Media Maxima (“DMMX Media”). 

The release of “Sri Asih” and “Virgo and the Sparklings” films in 2021 will certainly present an opportunity to create an engaging experience with young BCU fans. Sri Asih is the first superhero ever created in Indonesia, while Virgo and the Sparklings is one of the top Indonesian webtoons, with 1.7 million subscribers and more than 10 million views. 

Another recent announcement revealed that along with DMMX Media and PT Screenplay Bumilangit, a subsidiary of Bumilangit, SK Global Entertainment (“SK Global”) will be co-producing and co-financing multiple films under BCU. SK Global is a global entertainment powerhouse that has produced top box office movies such as “The Moneyball”, “Hell or High Water” as well as “Crazy Rich Asians” global franchise. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Beijing, SK Global will certainly leverage the international marketing and distribution of BCU films. 

Bismarka Kurniawan, CEO of Bumilangit, commented, “We are excited to have BLDX as the locomotive for the digital business in the BCU ecosystem, particularly as this year we cover a digital reach of more than 40 million across Indonesia.  The added insights and expertise that DMMX Media and SK Global bring to BCU production will likely translate to an improvement in production values of the final cut of the films. Ultimately, we hope to deliver an enjoyable experience to our audience, whether it is on the big screens or via streaming services, or through our digital apps. And through the films’ compelling storytelling, we aim to grow fandoms, draw them into and unite under our Bumilangit Cinematic Universe and associated content platforms.”  

Budiasto Kusuma, Director of BLDX and DMMX Media, remarked, “As part of the larger digital engagement strategy of Bumilangit and DMMX, BLDX is developing games and digital comics platforms that will complement and round out the BCU content offering. The platform is slated to go live in 1H21, ahead of the promotional campaigns of Virgo and Sri Asih, and is expected to vivify the buzz and eventual box office of the films. Concurrently, BLDX will launch digital QR marketing strategies that people can scan to gain access to associated chatbots and platforms that provide updates and information about upcoming film offerings.” 

“We are also glad to see SK Global join the co-production of the upcoming films, lending credence to the potential international market appeal and commercial value of the media. Coupled with our accompanying digital content platform, we expect to enhance the engagement of fans and audiences before, during, and after the films are released,” added Budiasto. 

Supardi Tan, Director of DMMX, added “As part of the development of the BCU, DMMX has partnered with Bumilangit to develop affiliated digital contents through our subsidiary BLDX. Through the BLDX platform, fans and audiences will be able to stay updated, discuss, and engage with their favorite characters beyond the silver screen or streaming service in a fun way. Through the provision of such dedicated fan services, we expect to grow a sizable active following that will act as valuable feedback, to improve the planning and promotion of pipeline Bumilangit films.”  

“Moving forward, DMMX plans to scale up its digital platforms (for games and comics) through its subsidiary, BLDX, and become an integral part of the digital strategy supporting the growth of BCU and the development of digital contents, as a result of the partnership between DMMX Media and Bumilangit. In doing so, DMMX and its subsidiaries aim to build a network of entertainment options and digital content distribution channels around the blooming Bumilangit Cinematic Universe.” Supardi concluded.