| Bumilangit Collaborates with Kaskus to Launch “House of Peace” for Its Fandom “Rakyat Bumilangit”

Posted on Oct 13, 2020

Jakarta, 12 October 2020 – Bumilangit, who launched its official fandom Rakyat Bumilangit (Bumilangit People) in 2019, collaborates with Kaskus, the largest online community and forum in Indonesia to launch Rumah Perdamaian (House of Peace). Details of ‘Rumah Perdamaian’ was explained in a live talkshow broadcasted on Kaskus TV. Attended by Edi Taslim, CEO of KASKUS, Bismarka Kurniawan, Founder & CEO of Bumilangit Entertainment Corpora, Abimana Aryasatya, cast of Gundala, and Lukman Sardi who played as Ridwan Bahri in the film Gundala, this launch was also to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Rakyat Bumilangit and Rumah Perdamaian as their new headquarters. Rumah Perdamaian in Kaskus was created to centralize information related to the latest products, events, and promos in an arena for conversation and discussion between Rakyat Bumilangit who currently have spread throughout Indonesia.

Bumilangit and Kaskus collaborate in appreciating the legendary heroes in Indonesian comics, as well as developing the Rakyat Bumilangit community to attract more public interests, especially fans of Bumilangit comics and Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. This collaboration is the first in which Kaskus open an official and inclusive forum with an entertainment company.

“Bumilangit sees that there are more and more discussions and enthusiasm in the community of Indonesian legendary heroes’ fans with the launch of the film Gundala last year as the opening for Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. Kaskus is the right community platform for us to build a ‘headquarter’ for Indonesians who are thirsty for the latest information about Bumilangit and who want to have a practical and exhaustive forum for discussion among fans. Through this partnership, we also hope that we can continue to embrace all fans of Indonesian superhero comics so they can get the latest and reliable information directly from Bumilangit and spoil fans with various special offers,” said Bismarka Kurniawan, Founder & CEO of Bumilangit Entertainment Corpora.

Previously, fans discussions about Bumilangit were still spread across various platforms, so with Rumah Perdamaian in Kaskus, members of Rakyat Bumilangit would not be left behind in getting the latest information about Bumilangit. Not only that, fans and members can also

exchange information, discuss fan theories and interact with each other regarding Bumilangit films, comics, merchandises, and animations.

Since its establishment in 1999, KASKUS has become the first and largest hobbies-sharing and community venue in Indonesia. By providing a variety of content related to hobbies and communities in various formats, Kaskus is the most productive forum in Indonesia. Bumilangit and KASKUS have committed and have the same mission to preserve Indonesian culture, especially in character-based entertainment such as legendary heroes.

“By collaborating with Bumilangit as content and official community partner, KASKUS would like to emphasize that we can facilitate various categories of community forums. Kaskus continues to strive to provide the best to millions of unique users and is here to unite Indonesians in engaging discussions around their hobbies and interests. We are sure that this collaboration with Bumilangit will enrich information, provide quality content, and enliven discussions between Rakyat Bumilangit in Kaskus, “said Edi Taslim, CEO of KASKUS.

The cast of the film Gundala, Abimana Aryasatya, and Lukman Sardi, also appeared as special guests at this virtual event, where they shared their thoughts on the collaboration between Bumilangit and KASKUS.

“As a member of Rakyat Bumilangit, I am very enthusiastic about welcoming Rumah Perdamaian in Kaskus, because I feel it is a very appropriate place. Kaskus is a community forum that is known by almost every Indonesian. Hopefully, with Rumah Perdamaian as the new headquarters in Kaskus, there will be more members of Rakyat Bumilangit and the bond between us will get stronger,” said Abimana Aryasatya. “The use of the words ‘Rumah Perdamaian’ and ‘Rakyat’ have become symbolic terms between fans of the film Gundala and Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. We will all feel closer to each other and unified if we gather in one dedicated place. Thank you Kaskus,” concluded Lukman Sardi.


Bumilangit, founded in 2003, is a leading character-based entertainment company in Indonesia that manages the largest comic character library in Southeast Asia. Around 1,100 characters were created by many legendary Indonesian comic artists. Legendary names such as the father of Indonesian comics RA Kosasih, Ganes TH., Hasmi, Jan Mintaraga, Mansyur Daman, Wid NS, Nono GM, Banuarli Ambardi, Mater, to Iwan Nazif and Is Yuniarto, are original artists whose work licenses are under shadeBumilangit.

Bumilangit’s main line of business is comic publishing, production of feature films, television series, animation, merchandise, and character licensing.


Founded in 1999, KASKUS is the largest discussion forum and online community platform in Indonesia. KASKUS has started to become an important player in the digital realm of Indonesia since 2008. KASKUS has received various awards and achievements in the fields of community, marketing, and media. KASKUS now has more than 10 million registered members and 20,000 Communities.