| Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, Supported Joko Anwar and Bumilangit Cinematic Universe; Christine Hakim, Reza Rahadian, Dimas Anggara, and Jefri Nichol Join Bumilangit Cinematic Universe

Posted on Aug 11, 2020

(Jakarta, August 10, 2020) President of Marvel Studios and Head of Marvel’s Creative Division, Kevin Feige, supported Joko Anwar and Bumilangit Cinematic Universe at the Disney + Hotstar Grandfest 2020 event. At the event, Disney + Hotstar’s collaboration with Bumilangit Cinematic Universe was announced. In addition, Screenplay Bumilangit announced another top Indonesian movie stars who will join the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe (BCU) casts.

Kevin Feige, who is known in the entertainment industry as the producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sent a video greeting to Joko Anwar and Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. In the video, Kevin opens by greeting Joko in Bahasa Indonesia “Apa kabar, Joko?” He then continued, “I know exactly what it was like to dream bringing epic stories to life and I’ve no doubt that the future of Indonesian filmmaking is in good hands. Don’t be afraid to expand that universe. All the best. ”

During the event, it was announced that Bumilangit Cinematic Universe films produced by Screenplay Bumilangit will be available on the Disney+ Hotstar platform after their theatrical releases.

Another announcement made at the event was the welcome of four top Indonesian movie stars to join the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. They are Christine Hakim, Reza Rahadian, Dimas Anggara, and Jefri Nichol. Details regarding the project and what characters they play in the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe are yet to be revealed.

Image : Joko Anwar, Christine Hakim, Dimas Anggara, dan Jefri Nichol

The four actors joined the top names announced last year, namely Abimana Aryasatya as Gundala, Chicco Jerikho as Godam, Pevita Pearce as Sri Asih, Chelsea Islan as Tira, Tara Basro as Merpati, Asmara Abigail as Desti Nikita, Hannah Al Rashid as Camar, Kelly Tandiono as Angel Eyes Eagle, Joe Taslim as Mandala, Vanesha Prescilla as Cempaka, Della Dartyan as Nila Umaya, Ario Bayu as Ghani Zulham, Bront Palarae as Pengkor, Lukman Sardi as Ridwan Bahri, Daniel Adnan as Tanto Ginanjar, Tatjana Saphira as Mustika the Collector, Adhisty Zara as Virgo, Dian Sastrowardoyo as the Fire Goddess, and Nicholas Saputra as Aquanus.

Bumilangit Cinematic Universe is a set of intertwining storylines based on characters under the auspices of Bumilangit, a leading character-based entertainment company in Indonesia that manages the largest character library of about 1000+ characters created by many legendary Indonesian comic artists.

After last year’s critical and commercial success of “Gundala”, the opening film for Bumilangit Cinematic Universe, two more films are currently in the works, namely “Virgo and the Sparklings” directed by Ody C. Harahap and “Sri Asih” directed by Upi.

About Bumilangit
Founded in 2003, Bumilangit was the first milestone in the initiation of an effort to revive the heroic-themed comics in Indonesia. Bumilangit is a family for many creative artists from the early generations to the next generations, as well as for loyal fans who always appreciate the works of the artists.

Now, Bumilangit is the leading character-based entertainment company in Indonesia that manages the largest character library with more than 1,100 comic characters that have been published over the last sixty years. The strength of these characters is not only based on popularity alone, but also on the richness of the comic stories of each character.

About Screenplay Films
Screenplay Films is an innovative production company that has produced Indonesian films of various genres. Screenplay Films always produces top-quality Indonesian films and aims to raise local content and make it a material that can be marketed internationally.

Known for its genre of teen romance, action, and horror. Screenplay Films has released films such as “May The Devil Takes You”, “The Night Comes For Us” and last year “Orang Kaya Baru” and “Hit & Run”. In the future, Screenplay Films will continue to produce Indonesian films from various genres.
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