| Si Bulan Koki Super is the latest work from BUMILANGIT!

Posted on Apr 20, 2020

(Jakarta, 20 April 2020) Si Bulan Koki Super is the latest work from BUMILANGIT. It narrates the funny story of Si Bulan, the little chef, experiences and her friends. Reminding us of religious values in our daily lives.
Si Bulan is a creative girl who is a good cook and also obedient to worship. She is a very creative kid who makes a variety of creations, especially various cooking creations with ingredients taken from his own garden behind her house. Not only can she make delicious dishes quickly, she is also able to create new recipes. No wonder her friends called her The Super Chef (Koki Super).

Bulan has friends in her house which are her animal pets, namely: Meow, Mama Moo, Kukuk, and Ruyuk. Meow is a pet cat that likes to eat. He is ignorant, nosy, impatient, and somehow lazy that sometimes makes Bulan often upset. However they cannot be separated. Mama Moo is a cow who always must be happy, so that her milk is always in high quality. Kukuk and Ruyuk are twin chickens that are very protective of their eggs. Accompanied by Meow, Mama Moo, Kukuk and Ruyuk, Bulan will always create new surprise menus.
Si Bulan Koki Super will soon be available in the forms of digital book (e-book), prints, and then animated series on national television station.

Bumilangit also launch a social media channel targeting mothers, where mothers can expand discourse and inspiration, not only in cooking menus, but also various interesting tips that are useful in improving children’s growth and development and increasing the values of togetherness in Indonesian families.

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