| Cast of “Virgo and The Sparklings” Announced, Bryan Domani, Mawar De Jongh and Others Will Accompany Adhisty Zara

Posted on Apr 18, 2020

(17 April 2020) Screenplay Bumilangit officially announces the other cast for the film “Virgo and The Sparklings”. Last year Adhisty Zara was chosen as the main character Riani / Virgo. Three young actors who are shining namely Bryan Domani chosen as Leo, Mawar De Jongh chosen as Carmine, and Rebecca Klopper who plays Sasmi. The film was directed by Ody C. Harahap.

“Virgo and The Sparklings,” tells the story of Riani, a teenager who is forced to unleash her hidden powers when some mysterious cases occur and turn the city into chaos. With the help of his band friends, Virgo and The Sparklings, Riani tried to stop the chaos-spreading action.

Virgo Talent Search which has been followed by more than [300] participants in the Bumilangit Screenplay initiative to look for talented talents who can play a role in the film “Virgo and The Sparklings”. Among these two newcomers, Satine Zaneta and Ashira Zamita were successfully selected from the search event as Riani’s friends who were members of a band. Satine will play Ussy (playing the keyboard), while Ashira plays Monica (drummer).

Not only them, but they have also been selected from Virgo Talent Search, the cast of The Scorpion Sisters who are rival bands of Virgo and The Sparklings. They are Rachel Florencia, Mentari Novel, and Indah Kusuma.

Virgo character was first created by the late. Jan Mintaraga and made his debut in comics in 1973. Since then, Virgo has become one of the best-known characters in Jagat Bumilangit. He often appears as a guest star in various other comics and plays a role in the comic “Patriot: Tempest” where 30 Jagat Bumilangit heroes meet.

In 2017, Bumilangit Comic and LINE Webtoon worked together to publish an official digital comic titled Virgo and The Sparklings written by Annisa Nisfihani and illustrated by Ellie Goh. This manga-style comic adapted Virgo to the modern version, with the story of Virgo being a young man who formed a band with his friends. Now, not only “Virgo and the Sparklings” is a favorite Indonesian comic on LINE Webtoon with 1.6 million subscribers and 8.9 million likes, “Virgo and The Sparklings” comics are already popular in foreign countries by being translated into 21 languages ​​by international fans.

The film “Virgo and The Sparklings” is produced by Joko Anwar, Bismarka Kurniawan, and Wicky V. Olindo. The film was directed by Ody C. Harahap and written by Johanna Wattimena and Rafki Hidayat.

In addition to announcing the cast, the film “Virgo and the Sparklings” also invites fans to donate against the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, which will be distributed to UNICEF Indonesia. Every donation will get a limited edition mask “Virgo and The Sparklings”. For more detailed information please follow Instagram @virgoandthesparklingsmovie.

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Now Bumilangit is a leading character-based entertainment company in Indonesia that manages the largest character library, more than 1,100 comic characters that have been published over the past sixty years. The strength of these characters is not only based on popularity alone, but rather on the wealth of comic stories of each character.

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