| Sri Asih Comics on LINE Webtoon, In Order to Celebrate Kosasih Day 2020

Posted on Apr 04, 2020

(Jakarta, 4 April 2020) To celebrate Kosasih Day 2020, Sri Asih returned to incarnate on the archipelago through the comic ‘Sri Asih: Celestial Goddess’ which aired on LINE Webtoon. The Indonesian hero character created by Mr. Indonesian Comics, RA Kosasih is known as the first hero character published in the history of Indonesian comics.


‘Sri Asih: Celestial Goddess’ is the latest LINE Webtoon Official title from Bumilangit, following earlier ‘Virgo and the Sparklings’ which has been successfully read by millions of readers and translated into 21 languages ​​by international fans. ‘Sri Asih: Celestial Goddess’ will be published weekly via Line Webtoon’s free comic reading platform. This webtoon will tell the story of Sri Asih’s journey as a young woman who runs life as a hero in today’s world. Narrated by Archie the RedCat and drawn by Devita Krisanti. Duo young comic artists whose work has become one of the most popular webtoons in Indonesia.


In this webtoon, it is told of a woman named Alana who from a young age often saw supernatural beings. His life as an ordinary teenager suddenly changes when his friends are struck by the danger of great power coming to him. She is now a goddess who is ready to save the world from evil energy.


Is Yuniarto as the General Manager of Bumilangit Comic Media said, ‘Webtoon Sri Asih: Celestial Goddess’ was present at a special momentum, April 4 2020, which is the 101st anniversary of the birth of the Indonesian comic maestro, RA Kosasih. This comic, which is produced by two of Indonesia’s best comic artists, Devita Krisanti and Archie the RedCat, displays the hero of Sri Asih in a new and current concept and design. Indonesia’s first female hero must learn to adjust to schoolwork, practice flying, master the magic scarf, and face the dark figures who are always lurking. ”


Devita Krisanti as an illustrator expressed her enthusiasm, “Drawing Sri Asih is like drawing an Indonesian female figure who can be a role model. Strong, intelligent, noble, beautiful and elegant. Hopefully, with the LINE Webtoon version of Sri Asih comics, more and more people are interested in getting to know our Indonesian hero. ” The author Archie the Redcat also gave the same view, “Sri Asih is an iconic hero. Hopefully, through this comic, the new generation can also get acquainted with the great character created by Mr. Indonesian Comics. ”


Sri Asih is the first superhero in the world of storytelling in Indonesia. This figure was first created when Indonesia was not long independent about half a century ago, namely in 1953. Its creator is none other than R.A. Kosasih. He is also recognized as the father of Indonesian comics because of his skill in writing illustrated stories. In the universe of Bumilangit comic stories, the figure of Sri Asih is told as one of the strongest heroes.


Last year, Sri Asih, played by Pevita Pearce, first appeared in the film ‘Gundala’. The film “Sri Asih” directed by Upi, is currently in the pre-production stage.


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