| Bumilangit and Shogakukan Asia Establish Strategic Partnerships to Publish Indonesian Comics in Southeast Asia

Posted on Feb 03, 2020

“Sancaka, a child who was struck by lightning. Pengkor, a child injured by fire. They met but were not united. Like day and night. The journey of life both adrift. When Sancaka gained the power of lightning, he chose to come to defend the weak. While Pengkor build strength to rise with those who are in the same boat with him. “

Jakarta, February 1st 2019. Bumilangit Entertainment, together with Shogakukan Asia, today launched the Gundala comic “Destiny” the Official Movie Adaptation – English Edition, at Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan for Indonesian market as a series of strategic cooperation between Bumilangit and Shogakukan Asia. Gundala “Destiny” the Official Movie Adaptation – English Edition which created to connect stories that have appeared in the film Gundala, produced by Screenplay Bumilangit, has been marketed in bookstores in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and overtake other countries in Southeast Asia .

“This collaboration is an important opening door for Indonesian comics and IP works managed by Bumilangit to reach new readers in the Southeast Asian region and the international public. We are proud that together with Shogakukan Asia, we can present a showcase of the best Indonesian comic talents,” said Bismarka Kurniawan, Founder and CEO of Bumilangit.

Bunshio Kajiya, CEO of Shogakukan Asia, said, “We are very grateful for this collaboration with Bumilangit and we are looking forward to continuing the cooperation with Indonesian talents in the future.”

Wicky V. Olindo, Screenplay Producer Bumilangit explained, “The strategic partnership of Shogakukan Asia and Bumilangit will have a positive impact on Indonesia’s creative industries. The public can see that Indonesian movies and comics creation can also be accepted abroad. Another direct impact is the ever-expanding Bumilangit Cinematic Universe can also be more easily recognized internationally.”

This comic is an English translation of the previous comic Gundala – Takdir, which has already become best seller and has reached the fourth printing in the national circulation. This comic was written by Oyasujiwo based on a film script by Joko Anwar, drawn by Ardian Syaf (pencil), Ecky (ink), and Doni Cahyono (color).


Narrating the journey of Sancaka, Pengkor, and the orphans who later met as happened in the film Gundala, this comic was written so that the readers could connect the stories they had experienced in the film Gundala with additional stories in the comic. In other words, the Gundala comic: The Official Movie Adaptation is an important part for the audience who want to know more about the characters appears in the Gundala film that has been aired.

Is Yuniarto, General Manager of Bumilangit Comics, said, “When it was released in Malaysia at the end of December 2019, along with the screening of Gundala Movie in Malaysian cinemas, this comic received a special reception following the distribution of this comic in MPH bookstores spread in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.”

It is hoped that through the publication of the Gundala “Destiny” the Official Movie Adaptation – English Edition will be act as the starting point for other comics published by Bumilangit Comics to be released internationally in the English edition in 2020.