| Achieved the Biggest Achievement in 2019 Commercially and Entered the Prestigious Festival, Joko Anwar Thanking The Audience

Posted on Dec 10, 2019

Jakarta, 9 December 2019 – Nearing the end of the year, Joko Anwar thanked the audience. The director and screenwriter wrote screenplays for four films and directed two of them. Films directed and written by the screenplay are ‘Gundala’ and ‘Woman Land of Hell’, while the screenplay was written is ‘Orang Kaya Baru’ and ‘Queen of Dark Arts’.

Through his Instagram account, he expressed his thanks, “In 2019 my films are four. There is comedy, action, thriller, horror. I wrote two for another director, two I wrote and the director himself. One in Toronto, one in Sundance. Thank you, friends, who’ve watched it. This year we contribute 5.5 million more viewers, 12 percent of all Indonesian film viewers this year. Hopefully 2020 I can still contribute to Indonesian film. Amen. ”

The director who has worked for more than 15 years in Indonesian cinema has succeeded in combining commercialism and idealism through his works. Evidenced by the film ‘Gundala’ which was selected by the Toronto International Film Festival and ‘Woman of the Land of Hell’ selected to be screened at the Sundance International Film Festival. Both are also included in the Top 10 Box Office Indonesia. This achievement proves that quality films can also be sold in the market and enter overseas festivals. In addition, the entry of ‘Gundala’ and ‘Woman of the Blazing Land’ into two overseas festivals in too far a span of time is rarely done by any filmmaker.

Joko Anwar also received two Citra Cup nominations in the Screenwriter category. The Best Original Screenplay Writer for the film ‘Rich New People’ and Best Screenplay Writer for the film ‘Gundala’.

In addition to being grateful, he also gave a closing remark indicating the next projects in 2020. Joko himself is a producer of Jagat Sinema Bumilangit whose two films will be screened next year namely ‘Virgo & the Sparklings’ and ‘Sri Asih’.

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Now Bumilangit is a leading character-based entertainment company in Indonesia that manages the largest character library, more than 1,100 comic characters that have been published over the past sixty years. The strength of these characters is not only based on popularity alone, but rather on the wealth of comic stories of each character.

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