Posted on Oct 18, 2019

After the launch of the film, Sri Asih a month ago which has cast Pevita Pearce as the hero character created by RA Kosasih, a new version of the “Sri Asih” comic will also be present as the Webtoon series. The film “Sri Asih” itself is being prepared and scheduled to air in 2020.

The “Sri Asih” webtoon series will be published weekly via Line Webtoon’s free comic reading platform. This webtoon will tell about Sri Asih’s journey as a young woman who runs a life as a hero in today’s world. This webtoon was written by Archie the Red Cat and drawn by Devita Krisanti, a duo of young comic artists whose work has become one of the most popular webtoons in Indonesia.

Sri Asih is an Indonesian hero character created by Mr. Indonesian Comics, RA Kosasih and first published in 1954. Sri Asih is the first hero character published in the history of Indonesian comics and is described as having the power to multiply and possess a magic scarf. By RA Kosasih, Sri Asih is a hero who gets the power of incarnation from Dewi Asih and acts to defend the truth against evil.

Besides the comic “Sri Asih”, Bumilangit still has another surprise. There are four titles of hero comics to be released, namely “Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu Vol. 3 Rajamandala “,” Virgo and the Sparklings Vol. 3 “,” Godam Putih Hitam “, and” Mandala Golok Satan Vol. 1 “.

Successfully defeating Mata Malaikat, Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu continues his adventure. This time he came out of his village and walked east of the archipelago and saw how bad people were everywhere. The colonial government, the Dutch merchants, and even the Indonesian pribumi. However, suddenly appeared a powerful figure who fought with Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu. Who is she? Read “Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu Volume 3: Rajamandala” from M&C Colony – Bumilangit, the collaboration of comic artist Aji Prasetyo, Iwan Nazif, and Doni Cahyono.

Continued the story of Riani, Ussy, and Monik present in the printed comic “Virgo and the Sparklings Volume 3”. Indonesia’s most popular fantasy webtoon was drawn by Annisa Nisfihani and written by Ellie Goh. With the film schedule “Virgo and the Sparklings” which will air in 2020, this comic deserves to be a collection to get to know these characters more closely.

There is also the story of Mandala in “Mandala Golok Setan Volume 1”, Pak Man as the original comic artist collaborating with Rizqi R Mosmarth, Ardian Syaf, and Doni Cahyono in this comic printed by M&C Koloni – Bumilangit. This comic tells the story of the origin of the Mandala.

Besides printed comics, there are also online comics released. First, “GODAM Putih Hitam” which will air on Facebook and Twitter. Erfan Fajar & Tanfidz T working on this comic. Continuing the “Tempest” incident which caused many casualties and damage to the city some time ago, apparently aroused a sense of antipathy of some people towards the adisatria. The Spirit of Satan used this to destroy Godam by making slander and fighting God to fight someone who had saved his life many years ago.