| Screenplay Bumilangit Announced Its Next Film; Patriot Taruna: Virgo and the Sparklings

Posted on Sep 09, 2019

Following the success of Gundala film which has amassed 1 million viewers in its first week, Screenplay Bumilangit officially announced the launch of a new superhero film, ‘Patriot Taruna: Virgo and The Sparklings’.

“We have previously announced the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe projects, which consists of 7 films connected by one big story. And one of them, would be Virgo and the Sparklings, which we will produce soon,” said Joko Anwar, creative producer of ‘Patriot Taruna: Virgo and The Sparklings’.

The main character of the film is Virgo, a popular Indonesian comics character created by Jan Mintaraga in 1973. Virgo’s role will be played by Adhisty Zara, known as a former member of the girl group JKT48. Anwar revealed that the film ‘Patriot Taruna: Virgo and The Sparklings’ would be less violent than ‘Gundala’ so it could be enjoyed by every age group.

“Why did we announce this project not long after Gundala was released? We want to show that Bumilangit Cinematic Universe is not only for a smaller audience coverage. We also want it to be enjoyed by younger audiences by making brighter films,” said Anwar.

Anwar explained that besides ‘Patriot Taruna: Virgo and The Sparklings’, there are still many other hero-themed films that will be made for the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe (BCU). “We will do the filming soon. But for now, we can’t announce whether Virgo and the Sparklings or other films that would be released first,” he said.

Screenplay Bumilangit has also announced that the film will be released in Indonesian cinemas by 2020.

Since the launch of the comic, Virgo has become one of the popular characters in Bumilangit Universe.

The storyline of the film will be based on the popular digital comics on LINE Webtoon Indonesia, Virgo and The Sparklings, which adapted from the original comics series.

The comic has amassed 1.4 million subscribers in the platform and can also be read in 15 different languages, which provided by its fans from Spain, China, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Thailand, and 9 other countries.

In the comic series, Virgo, whose real name is Riani, is a teenage girl who has the ability of synesthesia, the ability to see the color of sounds. She can also exert energy that resembles the flow of electricity from her hands. Riani also acts as a vocalist and guitarist in her band, Virgo and the Sparklings.