| Bumilangit Comics & Kompas Gramedia Group Will Release 30 Publications in 2019

Posted on Apr 25, 2019

Bumilangit Comics officially announced its collaboration with renowned Indonesian publisher group, Kompas Gramedia, to release more than 30 publications in 2019. These publications are expected to equip Bumilangit Cinematic Universe with a broader stories. In the next 5 years, Bumilangit Universe will pull off a crossover between films, comics, and other publications.

To execute this project, BumiLangit Comics has established a strategic partnership with publishers and imprints within Kompas Gramedia Group, including M&C!, KOLONI, and ELEX MEDIA (comics publishers and imprint), CLOVER (novels publisher), and FUNTASTIC (children’s books imprint).

ELEX MEDIA has a special unit to develop Intellectual Property (IP) from Indonesian comics by collaborating with other business entities (B2B) and government (B2G) to market it both at home and abroad. Bumilangit is one of the large business entities recognized by ELEX MEDIA for its ownership of various potential IPs.

The first comic series developed with the partnership between ELEX MEDIA and Bumilangit was Virgo and The Sparklings. The series choosen by ELEX MEDIA as it already has an established fan base in the digital comic platform, hence a strong brand potential to be leveraged through a partnership.

ELEX MEDIA will also publish Sri Asih, the first Indonesian woman superhero created by the late RA Kosasih in 1954. She had been introduced in the Patriot series published in February. Furthermore, the comic series will be published both in digital and print versions. In addition to comics, Sri Asih will also appear in a novel under CLOVER.

Other series to be released throughout 2019 including The Blind of the Phantom Cave (KOLONI), Gundala (KOLONI), Aquanus (KOLONI), Patriot (KOLONI), Mandala (CLOVER), and The Little Patriot (FUNTASTIC).

M&C!, with KOLONI and FUNTASTIC as their imprint, will enliven the return of the heroes in Bumilangit Universe. The enlivening effort will also be targeted towards the Indonesian children through The Little Patriot by Funtastic, an M&C! imprint for the children’s market. Bumilangit had introduced its characters universe to Indonesian children through The Little Patriot animation series, aired on private television channel for 12 episodes. The series will be adapted to children’s activity and story books. The Little Patriot, consisting Tira, Putrago, Lolo, and Prince Mlaar will become the heroes who can inspire Indonesian children. This February, The Little Patriot first book ‘Giant Monsters’ had been published.

M&C! perceive this partnership as an opportunity to participate in preserving Indonesian culture through literature or comics. They will be delighted to revive the legendary stories and characters owned by Bumilangit and conserve the legacy in the Indonesian culture.

International Comic Artist to Work on Gundala Comics

Ardian Syaf, an Indonesian comic artist who has been working in the international comics industry through various titles at Marvel & DC Comics, will work on Gundala the Movie comic. This comic will be released along with the release of Gundala film directed by Joko Anwar. Ardian conveyed that the process of making this comic will be worked out according to Joko Anwar’s vision in the Gundala film, through a process of creative discussion with the writing team. “It’s exciting to be involved in the Gundala project as Gundala is the most popular superhero in Indonesia. My sincere respect to the late Sir Hasmi as the creator of this character” he added. For this project, he will be teamed up with Oyasujiwo as the writer, and Doni Cahyono as the color stylist.

Meanwhile, Sweta Kartika, whose work has been released in a global platform and known for its popular works across genres, is chosen to be a writer for the Gundala comic series. Sweta will pair up with Iwan Nazif, Bumilangit comic artist who is responsible for the remake of the popular Indonesian martial arts comic The Blind of the Phantom Cave. Iwan, who previously worked on international comic projects through major publishers such as Darkhorse and IDW, said “This project is very challenging as it should be able to introduce Gundala to the next generation of readers.”

Comic Universe for the Cinematic Universe

Is Yuniarto, General Manager Bumilangit Comics

Is Yuniarto, General Manager of Bumilangit Comics explained how Bumilangit comics universe will be connected to the movie universe. He said, “Bumilangit is a home to more than 1,000 legendary characters created by Indonesian comic masters. The background of each character that was originally very diverse, is now united into one universe in Bumilangit Universe. Each publication title by Bumilangit will be an important part that will establish Bumilangit Universe, step by step. Both of Bumilangit comics and movies will be interwoven into one whole universe: the new universe of Indonesian heroes. Bumilangit Universe is not just an ordinary universe, though, as it offers a strong Indonesian identity by conveying the archipelago’s long history, values ​​of local wisdom, and portraits of Indonesia in the present time.”

“The heroism stories often inspire the younger generation to be a person who is better, stronger, and just. Bumilangit presents heroic stories of the warriors and superheroes with a variety of genre, visual, and character approaches. We are proud to have the opportunity to continue the legendary works of Indonesian comic masters,” added Is.

In its efforts to stay connected with loyal readers and at the same time embrace new fans, Bumilangit Universe had also grown and developed into Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. Bumilangit Cinematic Universe, which will consist of warrior universe and superhero universe, is projected to further jazz up the Indonesian film industry. With Gundala and The Blind of the Phantom Cave as the gateway to each universe, Bumilangit further strengthened its existence as a national Intellectual Property owner.