| Timo Tjahjanto Will Direct ‘Si Buta dari Gua Hantu (The Sightless Warrior)’ Movie Adaptation

Posted on Nov 11, 2018

Jakarta, October 27th, 2018 – The speculation around the movie Si Buta dari Gua Hantu (translated literally as The Sightless from The Ghost Cave) finally came to an end. Screenplay Films as production house and Bumilangit Studios as ip holder officially announced their plan to revive the legendary martial art tale from comics to its movie version. As for the movie production itself, Screenplay Films and Bumilangit Studios appointed Timo Tjahjanto both as director and writer of Si Buta dari Gua Hantu.
Looking back to its original root, it was a masterpiece from Ganes TH, one of Indonesia’s maestros in comics. Although he also created many other superb titles, Si Buta dari Gua Hantu was the pioneer in
Indonesian comics in martial arts genre (especially ‘silat’). Since its initial release in 1967, it created ‘martial arts fever’ among local comics scene and inspired many comic artists to take part in the certain genre. Si Buta dari Gua Hantu is – arguably – one of local intellectual properties that has been most adapted into the television and movie screen.
After 21 comic book titles, 7 movies, and 2 television series, now Si Buta dari Gua Hantu will return to the cinema with the updated version. The story will be rewritten and modernly repackaged, centered on two main characters: Barda (the real identity of Si Buta) and Mata Malaikat (“Angel Eyes”), his enemy. “This movie will be the character origin of Barda. Likewise Mata Malaikat, a charismatic villain and a legendary warrior. We will present two origin stories, although Barda is still the main focus.”
“We will tell an important and touching story when Barda still has his humanity and his friendship with his
pet monkey, Kliwon. Furthermore, his walking stick made from granite stone, and why he wear the snakeskin cloth. Even though this is a fantasy martial arts movie, there will be some logics that will be explored,” said Timo, spoiled the movie a bit.

Timo revealed that he will renew the vision of Ganes TH and make Si Buta dari Gua Hantu more relatable for the present time. As a reintroduction to millenials and centennials, Bumilangit Comic Media has been released a digital comic in Facebook. Based on the previous classic comic books, the team of Oyasujiwo (writer) and Iwan Nazif (artist) reinterpreted the masterpiece as an introduction to newer fans and long time die-hard fans at the same time. The printed version of Si Buta dari Gua Hantu comic won the prestigious Comic of the Year at Popcon Award 2018.

Si Buta dari Gua Hantu movie will carry the theme ‘the warriors of archipelago’. The casting process and preproduction are still at the ongoing stage, and will be revealed later on. As for the initial plan, the principal photography will begin at March 2019. After Gundala in superhero genre, Si Buta dari Gua Hantu will be the first collaboration between Screenplay Films and Bumilangit Studios in the certain genre of fantasy martial arts.