| BEKRAF (Board of Indonesian Creative Economy) to Screen Bumilangit Animation Series, The Little Patriots, in BEACON 2018

Posted on Sep 06, 2018

On Monday (27/8), Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia or Bekraf (Indonesian Creative Economy Agency) announced that they will screen five Indonesian animated films in Bekraf Animation Conference (Beacon) event. The event will be held  on 1 and 2 September 2018 at JS Luwansa Hotel & Convention Center, South Jakarta. The films that will be screened are Si Juki the Movie, Battle of SurabayaKnight Kris, and D.O.A. The screening event will also be attended by creators of the films, including director of Si Juki the Movie Faza Meonk, director of Battle of SurabayaAryanto Yuniawan, Ridwan Santoso from Viva Fantasia Animation, and Co-Producer of D.O.A Eki N.F.

Beacon is an event held by Bekraf to develop animation industry in Indonesia The event will be attended by various animation industry players from Indonesia, from TV agencies, IP creators, investord, media, and many more. Bekraf hopes that Beacon can be an event where Indonesian animation industry players meet, share their ideas, and collaborate for future works.

Battle of Surabaya (International title: November 10th) is an animated feature film by MSV Pictures, screened in cinemas all over Indonesia, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. Taking place during the events on the 10 November 1945, the movie tells the story of Musa, a young shoe polisher working as a courier for the fighters of Surabaya. The film had also received an award in India and was screened in Ireland.

D.O.A (Doyok, Otoy, Ali Oncom) is an Indonesian animated series produced by MPIC animation studio. It tells the stories of three characters named Doyok, Otoy, and Ali Oncom, and how they spend their life in a big city in Indonesia. The series has been aired by Indonesian private TV channel MNCTV with each episode lasting 7 minutes.

Danny Muhammad