| Limited Bumilangit Superheroes e-Money Have Been Launched

Posted on Aug 08, 2018

On  31 August 2018, BRI as Bank Official partner for the 18th ASIAN GAMES, and BUMI LANGIT, an IP management company for the famous Indonesian known superheroes like Si Buta, Gundala and Virgo had launch the limited edition of Indonesia Superheroes theme BRIZZI.

These e-money have 8 variants of cards with difference superheroes who represent certain sport on each card. Si Buta for Pentjak Silat, Virgo for Badminton, Maza the strong for weightlifting, Gundala for Soccer/Football, Tira for Volley ball, Sri Asih for archery, Aquanus for swimming, and Godam for Basketball.