| Bumilangit Launched Its First Printed Comic at Popcon Asia 2017

Posted on Aug 14, 2017

Popcon Asia 2017 has officially finished on Sunday (05/08/2017). The biggest international pop culture event in Indonesia has been held for the sixth time and this time takes the theme of “Pop Parade”.

On the first day of the event, the launch of BumiLangit [R]evolution became one of the event sessions that succeeded in pulling out the attention of Popcon Asia 2017 visitors. BumiLangit which is the publisher of the comic character of the superheroes and the Indonesian warriors performed the comic launch “Si Buta dari Gua Hantu“ whose story is legendary.

The comics are packed with more modern graphics with realist style drawing. The comic launch of “Si Buta dari Gua Hantu“ in Popcon Asia event was special, as it coincided with the 50th anniversary of the first comic publication in 1967.

In addition, visitors are also entertained by a super hero character cosplay contest from BumiLangit. The costume contestant is challenged to dress up like a super hero character from various comics that published by BumiLangit.

Three winners of the costume competition are announced on the main stage of Popcon Asia 2017. The first winner is a little boy who dresses up as Kalong – one of the super hero characters from BumiLangit. The champion get a prize of IDR 3 million and the opportunity to participate in the feature film production by BumiLangit in 2018.

The presence of two Bumilangit comic artists Iwan Nazif and Alti Firmansyah who are well known for their work in US comics joined together with senior artists such as Fajar Sungging, Banuarli and Mansyur Daman to present their artistic drawing skill ability in meet and greet session held by BumiLangit.

L-R :  Is Yuniarto (GM Bumilangit comics), Oyasujiwo Putranto (Senior Editor) dan Iwan Nazif ( Original artist & Creative dept)


“BUMILANGIT ORIGINAL ARTIST” L-R : Fajar Sungging, Mansyur Daman, Banu Ambardi and Is Yuniarto


Bumilangit Team “Gundala [r]evolution” L-R : Wahyu (artwork) , Iskandar Salim (writter), Imansyah Lubis (editor)
Bumilangit team ‘Mandala [r]evolution” L-R: Alfie (writter), Ardian Syaf (artwork), Mansyur Daman (original story), with Imansyah Lubis as moderator
Bumilangit team ‘Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu’ L-R: Oyasujiwo (writter), Iwan Nazif (Illustrator) and Imansyah Lubis as moderator


Bumilangit Team ‘ Sri Asih revolustion’ L-R: Alfie(wrtitter) , Altie (artwork) and Uwi Mathovani ( editor, design)



Cosplay jury, L-R : Verde Koen ; Is Yuniarto, Mia Hayosuke and Fajar Sungging.
With Mr Triawan Moenaf
Welfie with bumilangit cosplayer
The Champion